• Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate
  • Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate

Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate

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  • Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate

Introduction to Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate

Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate (MPC) is an esteemed product in the chemical industry with a wide array of applications. This specialized chemical possesses unique properties that set it apart from other similar products and makes it a reliable requirement in various fields.

What is Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate?

MPC is an organic compound with the molecular formula C7H13NO2. It belongs to the group of Piperidines, which is an important class of chemicals used in organic synthesis due to their outstanding adaptability. As a colorless liquid, MPC is utilized in a number of significant applications in the industrial arena.

Features of Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate

The tool that sets MPC apart is its profile of unique features:

  1. Versatility: MPC is known for its versatility. It can be used as a building block in the synthesis of a wide assortment of chemical compounds.

  2. High Purity: It is appreciated for its high purity. This ensures the quality and efficacy of the final products prepared using MPC.

  3. Easy to Store: MPC is a stable compound that comes with a reasonable shelf-life. Its storage does not require any special conditions which make it a convenient option for various industries.

Applications of Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate

Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate is highly treasured due to its wide applications:

  1. Pharmaceuticals: MPC is a valuable precursor in the synthesis of various pharmaceutical compounds. It acts as a building block for innovative drugs aimed at numerous diseases.

  2. Research & Development: MPC is extensively used in R&D for making new entities, for the study of reactions, or developing new synthesis methods.

  3. Chemical industry: MPC has indispensable value in the chemical industry. It contributes to creating new materials or enhancing the properties of existing materials.

Methyl Piperidine-3-carboxylate's remarkable features and diversified applications make this specialist chemical a prime choice. This powerful, versatile molecule is just the kind of input your next project needs. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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