About Us

Yantai Langyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovative enterprise integrating new product research and development, technical service, product import and export, mainly committed to the research and development, production, technical service and import and export business of apis, medical intermediates, natural extracts, electronic materials and fine chemicals. 

The company has many years of research and development, pilot scale and production experience of senior management team and technical personnel, in the new product synthesis, process amplification and continuous optimization of the production process has its own unique advantages, can maximize to meet the needs of customers for new products.

Companies adhere to the "integrity, innovation, win-win" business philosophy, adhere to continuous innovation and development, is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers sincerely, create brilliant.

Quality Assurance

• Strict quality control: each batch of products is strictly tested to ensure the purity, stability, and activity of the products.

• Complete detection spectrum: brand new detection spectrum such as NMR, LC-MS, and HPLC, etc., to ensure that each batch of products meets the standard.

• Professional product packaging: packaging adapted to product characteristics to ensure the safety of transportation and the effectiveness of storage.

• Huge compound library: Fuaji's product catalog contains 10,000+ various compounds, which can meet your experimental needs the first time.

Excellent service

• Experienced team: An efficient and professional customer service team ensures that you have no worries before and after sales when purchasing products.

• Trusted cooperation: We have won the trust of more than 1,000 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, university laboratories, and research institutions, and have established good cooperative relations with them.

• Innovative customized services: The R&D team led by a Ph.D. can provide you with personalized and characteristic customized synthesis services: research and development of new drugs, customized synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, research, and development of complex active molecules, customized services for chiral compounds, etc.