• 2-Picolinic acid
  • 2-Picolinic acid

2-Picolinic acid

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  • 2-Picolinic acid

2-Picolinic Acid: A Detailed Product Introduction

Introducing 2-Picolinic Acid, a versatile chemical compound employed in numerous. With its marvelous features and applications, the compound has been a valuable asset across sectors such as pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemical formulations, and advanced material synthesis. This serves to delve deeper into the chemical's core attributes, usage, and safety considerations, catering potent insights for stakeholders interested in the product.

Product Details

Com of six carbons, five hydrogens, and three nitrogen atoms, the 2-Picolinic Acid (also referred to as α-pyridinecarylic acid) is a nitrogenous, heterocyclic compound holding a CAS number: 98-98-6. The molecular structure possesses a carboxlic group positioned at the second carbon atom in the pyridine ring.

The product, in its purest form, manifests as white crystalline solid; demonstrating stability under ambient conditions with an aptly low melting point (138-142°C).

Incredible Versatility

2-Picolinic Acid is invaluable across domains due to its unique chemical characteristics and wide range of successful applications.

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry: It is a core intermediate in synthesizing drugs making integral to the pharmaceutical industry. It leverages its properties to create distinctive antiviral and antibiotic medication.
  2. Agricultural Chemical Industry: It contributes the formulation of efficient agrochemicals, particularly pesticides and herbicides, ensuring increased agricultural productivity.
  3. Advanced Material Synthesis: It is deployed in manufacturing of advanced functional materials, paving the way for innovation across sectors.

Safety Considerations

The material is categorized as a potential irritant to skin, eyes and the respiratory system. Protective measures during handling and storage are highly advisable. Ensure its use in well-ventilated areas and employ appropriate PPE when dealing with compound.


2-Picolinic Acid presents itself as a pivotal compound utilized across multiple industries for its unique properties and versatility. Its ability to spur advancements ensure productivity, particularly in pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals sectors, renders it an invaluable asset. As a potential customer, adopting this compound can significantly bolster your, product quality, and overall output.

However, careful handling and storage remain of paramount importance due to its possible irritant repercussions on humans. Please feel free inquire for additional information about 2-Picolinic Acid and its productive potential.